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Hardware-based keyloggers found on Carleton U computers

Universities often need to have a number of computers in classrooms ready for faculty and staff to use for presentations and Internet access, which can...

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Making or breaking the bank: The role of technology in modern banking

In the Digital Age, business leaders across industries are understanding the need to transform the way they conduct business to become truly customer-centric. Modern technologies...

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Are your apps duds?

It’s mind-boggling that only 22 per cent of all installed apps are ever used more than once. End-users are easily impressed by the promise of new...

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Business team at the office

Corporate culture is key to digital transformation

Digital transformation is more than just having a plan, experts told the audience at the IDC Directions 2017 event held in Toronto on Mar. 28....

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New ransomware strain pops up for one day

Ransomware remains one of the most feared attacks, mainly because many organizations still don' t follow basic cyber security hygiene including backing up data and...

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Volkswagen transformation to ditch gas tank, steering wheel by 2025

How close are we to sitting in the cockpit of a self-driving car? It might not be here today, but at Volkswagen’s floor space at...

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Cisco announces enterprise wireless capabilities for SMBs

MIAMI – Small and medium-sized businesses have often gotten the short straw in regard to enterprise wireless and mobility offerings, but no longer. To better...

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Don’t have a Spark Board? Introducing the Cisco Spark Room Kit Series

If you’ve been unable to hop on the Cisco Spark Board train, don’t fret – Cisco has you covered. Cisco Systems, Inc. announced this week...

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